Basic Tips For Creating A Homework Assignment Cover Page

A cover page is used to present your completed homework assignment. By looking at it, your instructor will have a first impression of the work you did, and you have every possibility to make this impression favorable. This section of your paper should be complete and neat. If it isn’t, it is more than likely that your teacher will be looking for mistakes and problems in your assignment rather than be open to the ideas you covered in it. The following tips will help you create a good cover page for your paper.

  • Meet the teacher’s requirements.
  • As a rule, teachers are very specific about how a homework assignment cover page should look like. Look through the course details, read an assignment question, or simply ask your teacher. You are likely to receive clear guidelines on how to format your cover page and what information to include in it. Follow these instructions obediently.

  • Follow general requirements.
  • If you are not provided with any specific instructions, make sure to include all standard information in your cover page. Usually, these are the following details: your name, school, the date when your homework is due, the title of your paper, course, the teacher’s name. Follow the general requirements as to how your cover page should look like as well. If not assigned otherwise, keep to the following rules:

    • Use not more than two fonts in your title page. More fonts will make it difficult to read.
    • Use a clear font (clear fonts).
    • Avoid using too many words and images in your cover sheet.
    • Line up the text either on the left margin or on the right margin. If you center all information or place it randomly, your cover page won’t be easy to read.
  • Format your cover page properly.
  • The general look of your cover page also depends on the formatting style you use in your assignment. Whether it is an MLA formatted paper or an APA formatted project, the cover page should be presented correspondingly.

  • Add your personal style.
  • Students are often encouraged to express their personal styles in the cover pages of their homework assignments. It is quite normal to add some graphical images or use different colors in this section. However, don’t overdo it. If you use a picture, don’t make it too big or too bright. It shouldn’t overpower the text. Your cover page should be readable, so make sure that you use contrasting colors for its background and words.