Tried And Tested Ways To Find Correct Homework Answers

It’s always good to have the correct answers to your homework assignments at hand. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will present them as your own results without putting enough effort into the solution process. You may simply need to compare them with your own final numbers and formulas to see if you did everything right. After all, what is the purpose of copying the answers to your worksheet if you don’t know what steps should be taken to get to them?

You can find correct solutions in a variety of sources. However, not all of them guarantee that the answers are correct. You should be very careful and consider the experience of other students when choosing the source. Undoubtedly, your peers have already tried and tested different options, and here are some of their recommendations on where to seek.

  • Check with the answer key.
  • The answer key is often available on the last pages of your textbook. If you cannot find it there, go online. The chances are high that it can be found on the Internet. When searching by keywords, remember to enter the right edition of your textbook.

  • Buy a teacher’s book.
  • The teacher’s edition of your textbook will include not only correct answers to your homework questions, but also step-by-step instructions on how to do the tasks. If you cannot afford to buy a teacher’s book on your own, share the expenses with your classmates. They will be glad to have such a useful book at hand.

  • Go to a forum.
  • Find a forum devoted to the needed subject and use it to the fullest. Browse it in search of your homework problem. It’s likely that someone has already raised the very same question, and the answer is waiting for you. If you cannot find anything, create a forum thread and ask the forum participants to help you out. You’ll be surprised how many replies you will get. Compare these solutions. The answer that keeps being repeated will be correct.

  • Turn to your classmates.
  • Make friends with the excellent students in your class. They will eagerly share their knowledge with you and it won’t be a problem to get correct answers to all your assignments. You may also create a study group with your peers. By doing a difficult task in a group, you’ll manage to accomplish it correctly.

  • Use a homework help service.
  • These types of services can do whatever you need correctly. However, you should pay to use them. Consider the pros and cons of this option before making your final decision.