8 Effective College Homework Tips For History Majors

When you attend college or the university, you will have less homework, but it may be valued at higher points. It will also be rather large compared to any assignments you were given in high school. There are 8 effective college homework tips for History majors.

Suggestions and Hints for History Homework

  1. Readings-you may expected to read 100 pages in one or two evenings. What you should do is to begin reading the moment you are given the class syllabus. Then when the professor assigns the pages, you can do a scan, since you have read the material once, instead of a deep read. The catch to this approach is to always read ahead just a little bit whenever you have down time.
  2. Take lots of breaks-a rested mind and body will always produce better work. you can go for a walk, grab a glass of refreshing juice, or take a quick shower.
  3. Work with a peer-you will find that any work shared with a serious student is work that is easier to complete. Find a student who shares similar goals to you, and make him or her your study partner.
  4. Set due dates-if the project requires a few weeks, set some due dates from the beginning. Start with the current time and work up to the due date. Make sure to always put in some buffer days for emergencies.
  5. Balance fun and work-college and university will provide for you thousands of fun clubs and organizations. Make sure to join a healthy and realistic number of them. Keep in mind that you should never miss evening assignments due to a social reason.
  6. Eat properly-make sure you maintain a healthy diet. You will be very, very busy and at time stressed. If you are eating healthy foods, then you will be less likely to get sick. When you do get sick, the work can pile up at an alarming rate and it can be hard to catch up with the assignments.
  7. Have the right tools-it is annoying to sit down to work and to not have the right tools. Then you have to get up, go to the store, and interrupt the work routine. If your history subject asks for you to have a 16th Century map of Europe, make sure you have one.
  8. Go for history help-go for any extra help or study sessions. The Victorian Era may be much easier to grasp if you can get to extra help sessions.