Where Should I Look For A Geometry Homework Checker?

Most students want to know the right answer to a math problem before it’s checked in class. Indeed, you feel more confident when you know you’ve done everything properly. Consider the following sources where you can check your geometry homework.

  • Your textbook answer keys.
  • You can find the answers to the geometry problems at the end of your textbook. It’s done with the aim that students can compare their answers with those in the key. If they don’t coincide, read the problem once more and analyze your solution. Sometimes it’s useful to know the right answer because you can try out different approaches to obtain the result stated at the back of your book. You should know that, frequently, some misprints occur on the answers page. If you’re totally sure about your solution, but your answer is different from the key, maybe it’s the case of a typing error, not yours.

  • Online resources.
  • There is a great number of websites offering huge collections of different geometry problems with solutions and answers. Just type your problem into your search engine line and get the links to the sites where you’ll see the right answer and the way it should be solved. Also, you can find answers to a great many of geometry textbooks.

  • Tutors.
  • If you want a professional checker, you can contact an online tutor. There are special websites where teachers or graduate students offer their help with homework in a particular subject. You’ll need to find a section with math teachers and get in touch with the one you’ll choose. You can communicate via Skype or live chat. Also, you can contact a tutor just for checking what you’ve done or have regular lessons if you want to improve your math skills. Tutors may offer free or paid services, so you should know which one you’re going to contact.

  • Apps.
  • If you’re a smartphone user, you can download some math applications on your device. One of the most useful of them is a multifunctional calculator. There are also apps that let you post your question or problem situation on math forums and notify you when the answer appears.

  • Check with your friend.
  • Probably, one of your classmates is very good at geometry and you can always rely on the correctness of his or her answers. Call your peer to compare your answers or check them in school before the classes. In case of inconsistencies, ask him or her to explain some solution steps, there could be a calculation mistake.