Finding Checked Physics Homework Answers In 4 Easy Steps

If you are searching for anything online, you should know there are accurate sites, and flawed sites. You cannot always trust the information you find on the internet, because anybody can write anything they want; even a complete lie. That being said, there are plenty of reputable sites with answers that you can use for your physics studies, if you know where to look for them. It can be tricky as well, because of the different levels of physics. You wouldn’t want to look for help on a site aimed at high school students if you are doing physics in university, because it will be below your level of knowledge.

What are you looking for?

You need to have an idea of the topic before you search for checked homework online, as well as the direction or scope of the assignment. There are a lot of subtopics within physics, and you can end up with something completely different than what you are looking for. Depending on what it is you need, you should be looking for:

  • Statistics or facts
  • Details on the background of your topic
  • Anything mentioned in your teacher’s instructions
  • Sources about unfamiliar concepts
  • Anything new or confusing

Where are you looking?

The easiest way to find what you need is probably online, but you can also use analog sources, especially at your own school. The library will have a lot of content, including possibly the teacher’s edition of your textbook that would have the answer key. You can also look at the public city library, or even talk to a tutor or friend that is good at physics. There are many places to get additional information on any aspect of physics that you are struggling with.

Are you using social media?

You might not have thought of this, but you can make good use of your time by directly contacting other students, professors, or experts through their websites, or any social platform or forum where these kind of people tend to participate. There are some homework sites you will find where students can message each other and discuss their physics questions as a group. This is often faster than asking for help from someone in your university department, since they are usually busy with other things. Just be sure to paraphrase or rewrite your answers so you are not plagiarizing anyone.