Where To Go Looking For Math Homework Help With Logarithms

Math homework, especially when it deals with algebra and geometry, can be a very daunting task. Even a small bit of inattention in class can turn into a total disaster at home. You can sit for several hours on end, looking at the logarithms and just trying to figure out how to start. Don’t waste your precious time. Consider the following sources of help.

  • Your teacher.
  • If you can’t cope with your math assignment because you didn’t understand the basics in class, then approach your teacher. They usually have time for students’ questions before and after classes. It may also turn out that your teacher has a site for students, with additional material on current topics and examples of finished problems. Many teachers give their email addresses to their students. If this is the case for you, don’t hesitate to ask them about your problem via email.

  • Your fellow students.
  • Try to do all you can at home, and leave a couple of the most complicated tasks for the next day. Right before class, ask a student who is really good at math to help you with the trickiest parts. If you are afraid of not making it on time during the break, then call your classmate (if you’re on friendly terms) in the evening and ask how they did a particular equation. You may want a picture of the solution taken by your friend; if they agree, don’t copy it, but use it as an example.

  • Online math help.
  • If it’s too late to contact your teacher or friend, then take advantage of math help websites that are available 24/7. Find the appropriate section (branch) of mathematics and click on the help button. Professional tutors registered on that site will explain to you in detail how to deal with logarithms, and help you with the solution. You can also post your task on a math forum and wait until someone responds to it with an answer.

  • Apps.
  • Many different applications are available for your cell phone. Apart from apps for entertainment, there are a lot of educational ones. You’ll definitely want to have a multifunctional calculator or equation solver on your device; this will save you time and effort. There are also apps that can process a picture of the equation taken from your textbook or even notebook (some even recognize handwriting), and give a step-by-step solution so you don’t need to type anything.